The Archive….

What do I do with it?  Not really a room, not a closet or storage space.  I honestly don’t know

what the hell it is really.  Want to use it as a studio of sorts.  Ticket for today, just written, write 3 ideas for the Archive.

What….?  What do I do with it?  Love this unknown.  All books out and into the office.  That was one idea someone had, I think Mom and someone else, make it into a reading room.

WHAT?  That was my reaction… I don’t see the sense in that, honestly.  So then, music?  Pick up the guitar again?  

This idea, possibly the strongest image standing.  

Another, Art – drawing and sketching.  Like my grandfather, Mom’s dad.  Just sketch and play with colors and shapes…. Thought about doing this years ago, but some people wanted to be negative and shoot me down as soon as I voiced the idea.  Now that I’m FREE, it’s revived.  Another strong step in this possibilities path.

That’s all I have at the moment, really.  Had some idea about coffee…. Dedicating the Archive to a brainstorming session for my café ida… all around my love for and play with coffee.

Sipping coffee now and enjoying the calmness of the morning, how hilarious Henry is – “AW YEAH BABY!!”, he’ll just say out of the blue and I can’t contain myself.

Almost 10:00, time to get little Emma ready for her party.  She melts my heart at breakfast time, always wanting the same from Daddy – waffles and orange juice.  Finally she gives me a kiss, because I shaved.  No shave, no smooch.  Known law between my daughter and I.