Birthday party at 11:00, soccer 16:15 I believe then pizza part after.  That takes care of dinner.  Day planned, and pretty straightforward.

Planning all running for week.  Odd, last run which was 5-something where I made impressive time draining me and injecting an attitude and mood.  Couldn’t figure it out.  Only two runs this past week.

So…. 4 on Monday, 6 on Tuesday.  5k or rest Wednesday (favoring rest), then 4 Thursday and 6 Fri’.  Hoping for 10+ on Saturday, first time in years I’d have done so.

Resting Wednesday.  May be having lunch with someone from Sonic, Mark my old direct-report but then look at my schedule and I’m SOLID committed that whole day.

Nothing to write, really.  Laundry, could do that. Like a blob or monster in the 3rd floor’s hallway, just staring at me.  And the Archive, what am I doing with that?  A focus room, either for photography, or some new hobby.  What, what do I do with it.  Been poking at me since I moved in – April 2022.

Laundry, a symbol.  This new computer in the office Jack and I set up last night, another.  Everything I need is here.  Studying stage…