12:27 Have to leave to get Emma from her party in a bit…. Lunch done, or brunch in Jack’s case.

Noticing my attitude and temperament today, stunning in its calm call and tranquil fill, zen send.  Nothing unnerving, but I also credit that with having amazing kids.  Jack and Emma self-sufficient and sovereign for the most part, and even little Henry now needing me less and less.  I go over to play with him or give him a hug or kiss and he tells me he’s fine. And now calls me “Michael” which I find hilarious, an obvious influence from his sister who calls me by my first name often.

Should I go to the store after getting her, or…..  Overthinking.  Like I do but not as much anymore.  Character shift, a boon and how timely with everything.

Thinking about work, everything from the ticketing system to the deployed tech, to whatever else.  The office itself and the room I use as my workspace.  Everything new, and no more commuting to SF.  Thank EVERYTHING.

Emma this morning cleaning my car, taking down the parking pass I’d use for the valet, emphasizing “Dad, you don’t work in San Francisco anymore, this needs to come down.” The suggestion unintended, my translation of the gravity of wha the said, telling me something.  That reminder – I have everything I need to get to where I want to go.  To be THERE, to have IT.