Moving parts, moving worlds, both laptops open and calendars facing me.  Didn’t get as much done in the office last night as I wanted. No matter.  Here now, today, and all day.  

Espresso, smooth jazz, peace… certainly more than yesterday.

Hoping to get out later and take some pictures around where the Nurse and I were, near Taryn’s winery.  Or, maybe Dry Creek.  I need to post at least two shots a day, if I’m really going to do this.  And not just pics from my phone, but CAMERA.  Reminds me, charge it….

Friend of mine, Monique, a digital and content creator, always smiling, always somewhere.  Often on a boat, or near water.  And smiling like you’ve never seen someone smile.  That intensity of happiness teaching me, has me looking at all of this differently.

Any stresses, dismissed.  Any worries or frustrations, expelled.  That simple.


The Nurse…. I think this is it.  It has to be, just my thoughts.  From everything in how we joke, to how we sleep and get coffee, walking to Noto… EVERYTHING.  Just thinking about it al this morning, “working” from home.

Blogging EVERYTHING.  Now.  The forever thesis, promise.