Day moving a little quicker.  Wine and its definition—  Wait, start over.  What does it do, and WHY wine?  Easy, the people.  Taking the Nurse to Taryn’s new gig yesterday, sipping the port with Nurse at home.  What I had with dinner and the discussion revolving around us, going in between above and below us.

PEOPLE.  That’s WHY wine.

What next.. writer’s and their way, me notably.  Wanting to write this, then that, my fucking indecision killing me.  Tattoo artist on Saturday, Mission Street in SF, all her drawings and her story telling me how she got started and how sometimes she’s in an SF studios then other days Napa.

Taking myself out of here, with visions, images, imaging the dirt, the Roth blocks on Chalk Hill….  Sonoma County.  All of it.  Missing the people, the counters, tours, pours.  Taryn yesterday pouring the Nurse and I generously, Pinot, urging us to walk outside and see the Back Swans, chickens, the 40 or so different types of roses planted in various beds, whatever else was in that garden.