Took nap with Henry, he’s up now after another lengthy siesta.  On possible #2 and FaceTiming with his mom… calm, no choice but to be landlocked in this condo.  101 outside.  No thanks.  Nurse not coming over and I’m sad of course but will see her tomorrow night, need more distractions.  The kids help, but this is a new sea for me.  Not sure what the balance should be.

Already missing them.  Taking them to their mom’s at a time between between 08:30 and 09:00.  Look to future days like this trapped inside and looking out at a vineyard from our Dry Creek home, somewhere.  Or Sonoma Valley, drive that morning with the Nurse saying to her that’s the sort of vineyard I want.  Was between Glen Ellen and Kenwood along 12.

Challenging Self to stick to photography.  Make something become of it.  All the money in the safe downstairs, for the camera.  Making lunches each day this week, if at all….  Plan for Tuesday which I won’t disclose here on the blog ….. cloaked with my usual ‘…’

Feeling strong, and invincible from more of the Nurse’s wisdom.  44, and just now I find the character for my character.  For this story and ride… ticket bought, this fucking ride better never end.  I won’t let it.  The happiness and Composition of character I feel from one room and vein to the next is irreversible, like an apparition that follows and loves, commands and provides some solution.  This is beyond language…