Today, already, beaming and promising.  I know why, not holding back ANYTHING.  Leaving here in about 25 minutes I tell the kids…. Sip coffee, one site walk later, 13:00.  Meeting at 11:30.  The day will go by quick the Nurse says, and she’s right.  They all do.  Something she said to me recently about the time’s swiftness, “I just accept it,” she said.  See her perspective and for the most sight I agree.  The other, rather than accepting it, why not write it.  Not saying one idea is more right that the other, just how my thinking this morning is parted and proportioned.

All kids awake and ready.  Packed for drive to Vacaville….  Staying ahead of the day and its time, that’s how I’m acting.  So…. Sip coffee, know what I’m doing and where I’m headed.  All ideas recorded, nothing left out.  From today’s fast to treating myself to a latte after dropping off kids, the drive and the music I’ll have on… HEALTH, mental and all.

Henry coughing, remnants of whatever he had or still has.  Much better than yesterday, thankfully.  Had the Nurse working on her day off, over text.

08:07, touching certain writings marketing me more.  The next shift, only a few paragraphs from where I sit.