Back from site walk, quick latte and scone break earlier.  The day, amazing.  There’s nothing that demands a complaint or criticism or even light comment.  Back in office and building a quote for the last property.  Now moving to another idea… then another… another another ANOTHER.  Unable to control myself.

There’s so much in this day, what I said earlier, a “love-startup”.  YES…. perfect.  Love for everything in SF, the buildings and coffee, even the people who block the crosswalk at Cal & Battery…. The seagulls, the drive down and back.  All of it.  Truly my About EVERYTHING (AE) mentality and way and perception holds.

Coworker talking with someone on speaker, SE Stan gets on a call, and I need more coffee.  Yes, more energy and RPM.  Like a prize-fighter, my writing personality… poetry of vicious but loving voltage.