Stan leaves the office for a site walk in Oakland, and I’m here alone.  Thank EVERYTHING.  Peace in slow but deliberate prospecting moves.  Driving down this morning with latte, thinking about Stoicism and its application, how I translate it and all moments around me… yesterday taking a much needed day to myself. Collection, mental health, detachment needed.  Standing at this desk and at a new MAP.

Not elaborating here of course but in the book you can bet.  Betting more on myself if you need to know.. my character and habits, when I go to bed and the attitude with which I wake.

Insular, but not.  Repeating Plath’s words from the Bell Jar to myself on the drive, and walk from the valet to 425 Cal – “I AM I AM I AM.” The old beat of heart… I am here and present and I will not compromise in Happiness.

An email…. Brb.