After sending email thinking about that book and when I taught it at the JC.  Her single-sentence paragraphs

and tone, language, the obvious poetic tilt to her syllables.

Makes me miss the classroom, to be honest.  That passion and fire I’d bring, and I did.  I will compliment myself on that.

Quick early lunch out of the way, brought from home.  11:49.  With all this quiet and in peace, all to myself in the office, I repeat Plath’s words.  Knowing my truest self, a writer, with a blog, blogs, and trying to change certain realities and consistencies.

A day of self-care while at work. No nonsense, that is what I’m doing.  Noting in journal and here, saving some grit for book, but otherwise my transparency and fearlessness is palpable.  Even for me… I love the intonation and insinuations in all notes.  

New Composition, new voice, identity.

I AM.  I AM.  I AM.