Again minutes before class. 

Wrote this entry hundreds of times.  I’m sure probably hundreds.  So I’m not going to write it again.  Until I start to write it again. Lecture on Wright’s book not even close to prepared.  So I lean on the creative writing invitation.  The memoir.  Not really an invitation as it is an actual assignment.  ButContinue reading “Again minutes before class. “

En Pensant

So much in and on and around mind this morning and I have no idea where to start— Where’a the jumping off point.  Where do I begin and for what am I beginning today.  Kept thinking about classes yesterday and the entirety of educating— self-education and being a student, being a teacher, being a studentContinue reading “En Pensant”

inward jot – 12/6/17

This morning I keep thinking of what Kerouac said, about one day finding the right words and that they’d be simple.  And yesterday working with students on final paper directions and thesis statements, what they wanted to say with the final written work…. Do what you want.  Whatever’s in your head, be it a nayContinue reading “inward jot – 12/6/17”

Five minutes till next class,

set of one-on-one’s with students, if that.  1A was more than enough motivation for me, blending my professor and wine, writing, wine writing lives.  Dinner later, have to drive across town to pick up babies then down to RP.  What wine am I opening up, tonight?  The Calluna… no, Chris’ Viognier… no, the Chalk HillContinue reading “Five minutes till next class,”


Goal today is three pages.  Can I do it, I hope so.. but the start is rocky, rolly, literally, with this table I’m sitting at, Yulupa Starbucks, wobbly, not wanting to be still for the aging writer this morning.  Have earphones in but didn’t ignite any music as this place is already tallying tunes IContinue reading “5/8/17”


Minutes to write.  By Lake Sonoma in large parking lot.  Not many cars, light rain.  Amazing class this morning.  Again knowing I’m to give everything to education, creative dissemination of ideas in life, literature, literacy, writing.  The start to this semester is different than others.  And I can be more assiduous and poignant, unusually focusedContinue reading “9”

journal – 1/17/17

Ici Maintenant Semester started, and I’m off, off running with the students into another 18 weeks of prize— knowledge and learning and self-actualizing.  By the end of this semester I’ll be off, traveling, sharing ideas and writing everywhere.  Nothing will stop me, not even my occasional self-doubt and self-attached weights and anchors.  Told the 1BContinue reading “journal – 1/17/17”

3:42pm.  Have to think

about leaving soon.  Want to go to whole foods and get some new beer for tonight, then get babies, maybe write a little when home but more than likely I’ll be in full-on daddy mode.  Which I love, don’t get me wrong, but I have to think hard about leaving.  If I leave, this sessionContinue reading “3:42pm.  Have to think”

inward jot

Recur Blur  In the adjunct cell.  And I don’t need to be.  Tasted wines and wrote and tasted more wines in Healdsburg with client.  Once, looking out the windows and seeing sun struggling to speak through clouds, with rain screaming toward the parking lot pavement.  And now, back here, on campus, this busy and tirelessContinue reading “inward jot”