Again minutes before class. 

Wrote this entry hundreds of times.  I’m sure probably hundreds.  So I’m not going to write it again.  Until I start to write it again.

Lecture on Wright’s book not even close to prepared.  So I lean on the creative writing invitation.  The memoir.  Not really an invitation as it is an actual assignment.  But not due for another week.  The invitation was to share whatever they’d written, thus far.

6:27.  Have to decide, before too long how I want to start.  More than likely this semester will be the last for a while if not forever, at the JC.  Or anywhere, at any institution.  So I need to make each meeting more than some expected, everyday class session.  Tonight, not scripted.

Not planned.  Just in the moment.  We narrate as we go.  In the moment, as I am now, just minutes before class.  29, exactly.