Minutes to write.  By Lake Sonoma in large parking lot.  Not many cars, light rain.  Amazing class this morning.  Again knowing I’m to give everything to education, creative dissemination of ideas in life, literature, literacy, writing.  The start to this semester is different than others.  And I can be more assiduous and poignant, unusually focused with just my one section.  

Writing all day in TR.  Will type freewrite from class, on ‘love of morning or hate of morning’.  Students responded well to prompt.  Envy them so much, being students.  Especially the full-time student… huh, just thought: FT student or fullie prof’…  Which would I rather be.  Well, obvious.  But precisely why… freedom, exploration, having the urge to bust out of box and know more.  Taking notes, having deadlines, having to print my pieces, notes in margins.  All of it.  Learning.  Knowledge being my job.  Knowledge is my job.  Life, love, spiritual geography… dare me say ‘religion’.

Hungry, but only have remaining half of Mezzaluna in fridge.  No more spending for day.. only writing, thoughts… writings for students.. sharing of notes.. sharing of all deconstruction of moments.  9:49… edit, post, and go–