3:42pm.  Have to think

about leaving soon.  Want to go to whole foods and get some new beer for tonight, then get babies, maybe write a little when home but more than likely I’ll be in full-on daddy mode.  Which I love, don’t get me wrong, but I have to think hard about leaving.  If I leave, this session and sitting are done.  No returning.  Maybe I’ll leave at 4-flat.  Which gives the writing papa 16 minutes, a bit less, to write.  Collect self.  Use every minute you can.  be ready always.  Don’t be still.. don’t get distracted.  There’s a gem in everything— each hit of the drum or piano blurb, hum and yodel.  All around me now musical and I have to follow the song’s strokes.  Documenting all I can while I have time here, as when I pick them up, I’m with them, then I’m driving, then at home I’m feeding and readying them for bath.  Again, no qualms or complaints I’m just highlighting the reality as more of a reminder to myself, more than anything else.  I’m here, I’m a writer—  I’m with the babies, at home, I’m daddy and husband.  So budgeting time is even more crucial and purposed than currency.