No writing yesterday other than in head.  That counts, but no word count associated.  Wine talk with people that knew wine a little then some that knew it a bit more.  Caymus and its second label, Back Road.  Everything was nice, but most especially the grounds and buildings.  That view from the terrace.  People tasting wines and asking me what they should taste, what are they looking for in that question?  What magic words are they hoping for?

People that visit the wine world, I have to ask.. beyond the wine what are they seeking?  Some experience, some scene, pictures, wine yes but beyond that…. That’s where my writing in wine is going.  Excavation of the why’s.  Why did I sign up for that event-slash-field trip… why did me and that one girl get so into discussions on Syrah and cool-climate reds?  What did we want from each other?

Store after the kids leave… cancelled on my friend whom I was going to have over.  Need a day to myself, and waking early tomorrow to head out to see the Nurse in Vacaville.  Only been, what four or five days since I’ve seen her last but my brain translates it the same as if it were four or five weeks.

Never felt that with another before.