Tired of being in the house.  Want to go somewhere, work somewhere else but where.  Starbucks like I used to maybe, back in the Sonic days, but the sales meeting is at 15:00 so may as well just stay here.

Leaving early for the city tomorrow.  This event does have me interested.  See where it goes, who I meet.

Dentist cancelled the appointment, said he wasn’t feeling well.  Or his receptionist did.  So, loads of calendar and time stress just vanishes.  Necessities gathered for day, tomorrow.  Man outside sweeping, tending to grounds.  No idea if it’s hot or cool or what out there.  I envy him, his freedom.

Made another espresso, not sure I want it.  Took one sip and am like, “Meh…” Thought about texting Nurse but holding off, for now.  Nothing to write, then I pick myself up – “Don’t you let yourself stop.. keep going, farther into these vineyard fascinations and sketches, walks like the one planned for Saturday afternoon.”

Another old picture, this one from 2017 I think. Chardonnay cluster, or SB.  Can’t tell.  But feel better.  Not sure what caused this stall, “Brig everything back to the vineyard,” I remind myself.