12:36 meditation…

Not worrying.  Again, what’s in my control and not.  In fact, I’m going to take myself to lunch in a bit.  Tacos, Lupe’s.  Needed.  All of tomorrow planned… wakeup time, head to SF, be there till 17:00, then back to loft to work.  Leaving this laptop here.  Part of new practice, never taking it out of house.

Aiming for a word count, but not saying what.  What am I doing today, this morning buzzing around like a crazy pirate, or some escaped inmate.  Nurse’s words calming me of course… keep telling self, “The CLASSROOM.” Teaching self how to write, more than differently just honestly… about everything.

Dad-ing, divorce, Sonoma County, wine and what I’m doing with that business if anything or maybe just being a writer of it, blogger… family, happiness and its extended definition.

Chill electronica bringing me back to Earth.  Nearly always helps.  Day about half done.  This morning driving big kids home and Henry to his little learnery – Questions, “What are you doing today?” Emma asks.  I tell her work, and then she says, “Yeah I know, but what else?”