Finishing laundry, kids say they don’t want breakfast.


Good, I think to myself.  We have options here and I spend WAY too much money yesterday.  It’s getting more challenging when all three are here but still immensely enjoyable and love-filled.  Henry not walking all over the house and even sometimes trotting or seeking to run.  Jack and Emma getting bored in one instant then the other engaged in some project.  My focus is them when they’re here, I forget about the rest of my world and story and self.

Didn’t wake at 5am.  Actually before I was up but turned off alarm.  Of course.  Another challenge to self, a backwards fast.  Think I set it for 20 hours, can’t remember.  Anyway, 9 hours and 45 minutes left.  Only plain coffee and water during day.  Too many calories yesterday.  The half-marathon marches closer.  Quota on the brain too, meeting my demanding goal of being done by 9/1/22.  No idea what my quota will be and trying not to think about it right now…

Kids in other room playing with cards.  No sound.  Surprised how focused and fixated they are.

Message realtor, see what she thinks of these two new addresses.  Both in Cotati.  House hunting hasn’t been much on mind these past few days, and right now… I just want to delight in the quiet.  Let myself be enveloped by the equanimity.

Will make the kids waffles, or cereal and toast like yesterday morning.  Can hear the laundry, just want it to be done.  Feel domesticated but not in any hindering fashion or form.  New run schedule like the one our COO told me he practices…. 4 miles on Monday and Thursday, 6 on Tuesday and Friday, rest Wednesday.  Saturday is the LONGER run day.  Possibly 8 or 10.  Oh if I could hit ten… that would be absolutely reviving.  Like a runner brought back from dead.

9.5 hours left of this new fasting style.  Remember, water and coffee. More water than coffee.  The laundry sounds like quick waves against a pier pillar… reminding me of Monterey or Half Moon Bay, Bodega Bay….  Next Saturday my ocean run, should research trails or ask friend’s roommate.

9:36, breakfast done, laundry still going.  Two receipts entered from yesterday.  Doing what I can in little bursts and scurries.  ‘Nother cup of coffee, thinking about too much at once.  Sip coffee… write books, be happy like the make Mom gave me said.  The business plan.  What ever happened to that?  Not the mask, I know where that is.  the idea, the plan.. simple and straightforward, attainable.  Kids playing quietly, Emma on that little princess couch or mat with a blanket over her – “Daddy, look how cosy I am..”, she says to me smiling up in a diagonal stretch.  She now looks for another toy while Jack asks her if she wants to trade cards.  She ignores him until I tell her “Brother is talking to you…”. 

“She doesn’t care about Pokemon, Mike.”, Jack says to me.  I laugh a little then back to notes from yesterday… walking the Square with my sister, the two toy shops, kids playing on the playground before and while Katie was there, Henry pointing at every dog he saw.

Have to get Henry at 11.  Jack says he wants to play with the neighbors for a bit, I say that’s fine. Then after that possibly to this trampoline place in Rohnert Park before coming back here for lunch and then Henry’s nap if he agrees to go do.  Yesterday he slept in ride over to Sonoma…. The day went quicker than I could measure or appreciate.  Not surprised.  Mapping out day in time provinces with certain objectives or aims in each.  All revolving around them, these small humans.

“Alright, I quit my job.” Jack said. 

“What?  You quit?  What did you do?” I say.