Notes for OFFBLOG. For the book. One character….

No.  Not here.  Not ever.  I don’t mean it to sound sinister or ominous, just saving for book, that’s all.

Caught up on email for the most part, Outlook doing some funny shit that I have no idea how to fix.  Working with it as best I can till I completely lose my mind.

Sunriver calling me.  Cruising through my to-do roster for day.  Tempted to have another shot, which would make 4 for the morning.  Or, water.  Yes, water.  Sipping water now, thinking of going for a run.  No, I tell myself.  Save for EOD.  Will launch at 4:30.  Set.

Have to reach out to existing client regarding a couple things but saving that for later.  The messages and emails keep coming but I refuse to say anything like ‘Ugh Monday…” No.  Not today or ever.

Will have the rest of the kids’ breakfasts from yesterday in a bit, at 11.  Red Sox game tonight, 5-something.  Only 48 degrees right now, and won’t go much past 55 at the time I’d run.  Thinking of just going to the gym.  Speed work.  Yes, do that. I’ll have to…