4:03, 3rd Street Aleworks, planning tomorrow.  But…

their WiFi is down.  So just notes then… Law Firms and Construction is the focus for tomorrow.  And building Sonic’s network, looking at the map, paying close attention to it and truly canvassing, door to door.  A molecular approach.

Hungry, but not getting anything here.  Sent email checking in on contract sent this morning. Arranging calendar differently, for tomorrow.  Meeting with another AE for a glass of wine and to discuss prospecting, at 5:30.  Tomorrow, that is.

Driving over here thinking and thinking about consolidation and simplification… getting rid of SRJC, and even wine to an extent, but then I said no keep wine and let go of teaching college English.  None of this should be written, only put to page what’s been pressed.  Wine metaphor.

The #prospectesk project touched again, but not posted.  What I do…. Looking for new business when others don’t.  Say hi, walk by, go for a walk like I did in Novato the other day.  Needed that, needed to get out of the house.  Only have three days this week to produce.  I’ll be waking early tomorrow, that’s for sure.  Need to.  And Bottledaux….  This idea I had over then years ago and only to continue the wine blogging thing after my ‘mikeslognoblog’ project was ended.  Now it’s taken on different life.  Getting a better idea of what.

Love this place, 3rd Street.  So many memories here.. some funny, some not so.  Me here now a blogger at EOD Monday.  People talking, and LOUD.  About beer and beer production… “And Porters, right, with their strong flavors, right….” This guy goes on and on about beer and beer production, consumption.  I’m envious of his passion.  I have it, that level, but then wonder if it’s faded a bit.  For wine, writing, running, other things….  Then I decide NO.  One of the Senior AE’s calls me “Mr. Endless Energy…” I need to live up to that more.  DONE.

Now, looking at the mustard and ketchup containers on the table next to me. Shit, do I want to get something?  I have stuff at home but it doesn’t sound exciting, at all.  Saving money, that should sound exciting, right?  The mature thing to do, but that’s no fun.

Ugh, why does their WiFi have to be out today?  Was just thinking about how pissed I was last two times I went to Steele & Hops to work and theirs was out.  Now, where I cam after both those times, frustrated, it’s busted here.  OF COURSE.  Mike’s luck.  Fuck.

Think a contract is about to land, thank whatever.  Not sure how I’m going to meet the monthly quotas for November and December, when people start to tighten the financial frame concerning expenses. Just send out emails… do what you can.

My mind is everywhere, thinking about the book, the blog, me, getting old, the kids, the shift, conversations and whatever else… re-reading Me Talk Pretty One Day by Sedaris, reading more, touring with my books once I fucking finish the first. Keep blogging I tell myself.  Look at that beer, doesn’t it look fucking amazing?

When home, empty dishwasher, pick up kids toys from dining room, finish vacuuming since I had to stop yesterday scaring poor little Henry.  Red Sox game on soon, 4:25.  Oh well, didn’t work here but at lead I escaped the walls of Skyhawk for a bit.


#prospectesk notes:

-Gather ideas, sort, implement.

-Geography is more crucial than product set.

-Attitude, have that be your first task, your first address in the morning, long before answering that first email or making that first call.

-Find the comedy in being in sales.  You have to.  And, it will benefit you, honing attitude and language.