On a productivity kick this morning. Sleeping in a bit, now in office.

Meeting at noon with a referral partner, call at 1:30 I think, then another call at 3:30, then other projects.  Putting off prospecting, why… no idea.  Make self do it, I write in journal.  Branding… thoughts, sharing all of them.  Not sure if all will be seen as valuable, but…. Hoping.

Starting new routine, one more minimalist and centered.  This day, like others, offering Roads, solutions.  Pulling self out of certain reluctance ruts.


Keep your movement YOUR movement.”

Just posted this somewhere…. Thinking again of Coelho’s Personal Legend thought, idea, practice.  Conversation, Creativity, what I keep saying to myself.  Walking around the office here caffeinated out of my mind, still a little anxious about the flights to Sunriver.  First to Portland then from there to Redmond.  Don’t think about the flights, think about running, writing, the paths, the new routes…

Sipping coffee slow.  Gross, honestly.  Not sure what happened.  Hungry…

Maybe meeting at noon will entail lunch.  If not, then…. Then it doesn’t.

New leads today, then looking somewhere else… forget about it I tell myself. It is HILARIOUS how much I overthink prospecting.  Honestly.  What the fuck.