Day essentially over, but not by this new standard I’m imposing on self.

Snacking on sushi from Oliver’s, and I can’t believe hot hot it is.  Spicy like I’m not used to.  Bed early tonight, but working till then.  Touch and go on projects.

One of my daughters masks on the counter here next to laptop.  Makes me miss her, I always do, her and her brothers.  Every time I see them they look different.  Time passing, passing… forget about it.  Move quicker.

Not fearing the plane ride.  Not letting self.  Friend this morning suggesting I take something, like a pill or something, or some drops whatever that means.  I told her I’m using wine to numb the nerves, shut them up and halt their speak.

Trying two wines tonight, the GSM I opened at dinner night before last with friend and then a Roth Cabernet.  Miss their wines, and those days there.  The cave, the walks through the cave with my friend Hannah who now expects her first baby.  Seems like forever ago… wine, pouring, setting the table for larger groups.

The day is in NO way over.  Wine and the #vinovinevin blog, calling me.  Notes the other night on the Anderson Valley Pinot…. Like a soft jazz session, more Davis than Coltrane.  Wine is the story, wine is the beat, wine is the frame.  Always, I always come back.  To the tasting room, all the properties I’ve seen.  Holding off on opening the Roth, first visiting the GSM.  Caddis, from a recent wine club release.

What do I want #vinovinevin to be?  Just post wine, anything wine.  That’s what I’m vowing tonight.  Rain expected, love writing while drops hit the deck and hill, backyard.  I remember what I used to want to do in wine’s industry, then that changed.  And again, again….  The day just starting, in a regard.  My wine shift.  Clocking in.