Ignoring certain people, going forward.  Focusing on the Nurse, the free day ahead of me, drive to Vacaville.

Aims for day – 

Latte at Noto, by myself.

Car wash, maybe.  It is raining, so…

Clean house.

Clean and consolidate and purge office.

Nurse already at work, me wanting to message her but tending to breakfast requests.  Jack at his new desk on his computer.  Love seeing how happy he is.  To be a kid again.. their worries and and angst is trivial and short-lived, and they know it is nothing to be sweated.

Fasting till 13:00, at least.  Feel gross after the burger last night, fries.  Adjusting my diet, altogether.  Even with coffee.  No more lattes, or at least reduce consistency.  Iced coffee going forward, with a little cinnamon.

Can only see the Nurse and our adventures, future travels and trip coming up.

Emma cutting up the egg bites her grandmother made her, putting on the waffle I toasted and folded, calling it a breakfast taco.  I couldn’t help myself, had to take a picture.  Total dad thing to do.

Emma looking in all the drawers, straightening up the kitchen maybe?