Drive to Peet’s in Santa Rosa so I could use the card the Nurse got me. Busy, couldn’t find a place to park and had to circle the block. Parked in a space I Shouldn’t but don’t care. Having this breakfast sandwich and iced coffee, so no fast.

The nurse urged I do “something nice for Mikey” today. I agree. What. One idea, go to Best Buy, see what kind of trouble I can get into. Something for the blog… do something different with it today… photog and short prose.. life and life lessons, learning from people think is ordinary.

Man and his young daughter to my left, she with a gingerbread cookie and her dad just got up to take his breakfast pastry off the bar. And an iced coffee.

Dine with my little sando, just going to sit and observe, stop writing in a sec. Live more, write less. Write from memory more.

Thinking, what is it I really want. How do I want the day-to-day to feel? Thinking, not writing—