Schedule jammed from me over and double-booking myself.  In a bit of recovery mode.  I’ll be fine.  Not as bad as I thought it’d be.

Raced home from Vacaville to put out trash and now in office.  No coffee yet and I can feel it.  It’s made and ready in kitchen… restroom first, looking at schedule blocks obsessively.

Committing to office residency today till 17:30-18:00.  Night at the loft, first in a while.  Writing till dark—  Well, it’ll be dark when I get home, but you know what I mean.

Taking self to dinner at KIN.  Haven’t been there in a while.

09:52 – Ship is steady, just waiting to hear about a couple things.  Missing the Nurse bad but distracting self… what I want to do at this MSP… easy, singular, consolidated.

Emails and quick meeting with TA, moving quick.  Making this my own and as cliche as that sounds it’s the only bubble meditation-wise that keeps popping, putting itself back together somehow and again bursting.

May run after work, at the gym.  Hour of smooth speed work, nothing pressing or stringent.

Playing IT guy with my email account…