10:03 – In office.  Addressing tickets, the main priority…. Couple quotes and Meraki system upgrades.

This MSP pace, enlivening, in ways the past two companies weren’t.  Running with it, alongside it.

Found an estimate, working on sending that to wherever it need go.  Guessing Finance.  Drive over was easy, took 12 instead of devilish 37.

Watch charging.  SO running today.  To the end of Coffey Lane North where it stops and back to office.

Making today better than yesterday, and 11-15-23 was an amazing day.  Seriously, fucking amazing and freeing, especially after I thought it’d be a total bedlam blast, problems and misfires surrounding and invading like hungry Huns (metaphor used by Andy yesterday, referencing something…)

Smiling this morning.  Time for more coffee.  Keep the energy up, HUNGRY… making this blog work, holding other domains in place, no more for the time.  BDX is the only bless, what I’m repeating.

10:25 – Positive energy in the office, imagine that.  Not like the last company, but I’ll address that more in the book.  And not everyone, only a small slimy sect.

Coffee, quiet, the tickets.  OH, have to check mine, the ones for the blog…