Working at Peet’s in Sonoma. Had a breakfast sandwich, and now an iced latte.  Leaving for Vacaville from here.  Another Meraki-related meeting in 15 minutes or so.  4+ miles earlier. Barely had time to get ready or cool off.  Went back into the office changed quickly, got a water from the fridge and hopped in the Rav.

Beautiful winery in Sonoma Valley, haven’t been on property in nearly 10 years.  Bought two bottles, took some pictures, and now I want to write wine again.

Working in a coffee spot like this reminds me of the Sonic AE days…. Funny, like a full-circle type thing or thought, feeling, but different.  More at home here at the MSP than I did there.  Not in a bad way, just want I’m thinking now.

Meeting over, and forced to listen to the weird music they’re playing.  Tempted to leave for vv now.  Nurse should be home by 16:00 I think she said.

Feeling the run now, tired and a tad sans motivation.  It all myself out of it.. go after one thing then another.  Looking at the vineyard pics form the site visit.  Want to be more with wine and its business I reason.  How.. simple.  The blog.. #vinovinevin, charge for services and consult.  Easy.  Already have plenty connections and leads, start with…