Sip espresso, already need more.  Henry falling back asleep after calling me into the room where

he slept, wanting to be with Jackie in my bed.  Feel like I could maybe use more sleep but not letting myself.  Up early and this needs to be the practice, the type of writer and dad I am.  Ahead of the day, not bloody reacting to it.

Thought of stopping there, halting with the morning writing for a bit and checking on kids but I hear nothing, there is peace, so leave the well-enough in its wellness.  All is well.

07:39…. Birds and cold air, what the morning speaks.  Idea from last night reminding me of its language… back to the objective consideration, focus on self, inward notes.  The character I want to be, for my kids and family yes but for me.

Success being a lagging indicator, this morning’s Stoic reads.  Odd language, that description, but of course I know what it means, the message and intention.

Peet’s is too far away, so Starbucks for the kids and I once Henry wakes and is out of bed.  Keep writing, I tell myself.  Forget these other distractions.  Sip espresso, write thoughts…