Approaching mid-month, already.  Objective approach this morning.  Time, 07:04.  Early.  Slept more than plenty.  Kids in bed early last night and they’re already up.  Henry doesn’t have to be to school till around noon, and the big kids with the day off.  Checking into work already, putting points and targets on calendar for next week.

Nurse working last night till who knows when.  Again want to note that I’m approaching MSP life as she does Nurse-dom.  Fixing, the aspect and reality of something’s health and well-being.

Back to this character – Mike Madigan, 44, in Windsor since April 1 of last year.  Three kids, finally finding love, FINALLY.  Writing his whole life… what he wants he knows and doesn’t want to write it here.  Already has, already feels he’s hexed himself somehow but ignores that possibility.

45 degrees outside, window open after having the heat on all night.  Think that woke me up.  Usual writing meditation in morning, thinking of my entire life, everything I have going on… from this with that person, this new tech story, running, my health for which I am immeasurably grateful… the kids and my family.  Keeping everything as simple as I can.