08:53.  Laundry and cleaning.  And with early start.  Not as early as I wanted but I’m moving… espresso 1 done, now to coffee.  Planning day.

Nurse and I confirm dates on something upcoming.  Noting in journal earlier that I’m putting off upgrading camera.  Singularize and consolidate all to page.  Not going on about it, but… here I am.  Travel and more travel, books on it, what the travel does..

Henry saying from the loft he’s cold I go up and get the new blanket he likes.  “You good buddy?”

“Yeah, I good Dada…”

Harmony.  Notes and single dad observations and mini-stories within mini-stories.  Not vignettes, but something akin.

New journey, new legend, realizations in travel.  The DC trip in late May to first couple days in June just what I needed to learn more about self and what I need to do now and into years beyond what I can now dream or envision or plan, say.

Hot today, planning for kids… one item, then another taking us to about 15:00, then… blank.  One more point.  It comes to me then leaves, should have scribbled it.  Shit.

Coffee done… write Nurse.