8-4-23 –> Drive to SAC, and back… lunch at Glen Ellen Market then here – work a bit then back to

Santa Rosa to get kids.  No time to self, no time away from the sales story.  Fortunately, walk promises a proposal at the very least, which will yield a bit of fortune, hopefully.

Unloaded groceries from Oliver’s run with all three, they selecting their dinner orders and other wants, regulars and usuals, and here we are.


Nurse texting me, making me smile with every word and bit of advice and counsel… Henry demanding a yogurt, I tell him all done with snack till dinner, “Okay buddy?”

“Okay, Dada…” he says before asking me to put on that superhero cape and the eyes mask, zero-like, not sure what the actual name for that is or could be.

Starting to feel a little tired but no time for any rest or pauses.  Bed early tonight and up early tomorrow… all expenses and budgeting facets touched.  Never been so driven and set to get up at 05:00, a little before.

Much later, tired and annoyed with some humans but then the Nurse, no surprise, brings me back.