12:44, well over 40 minutes left in this sitting, meditation, spot in SF where people come and go.  Place orders, get particular with their wants.  Meet over business or whatever matters.  I’m at an intersection in my story.  If I continue straight, that’s one book, but what if I turned right, or left?

Weighing.  Everything.  But, slow.  No need to be of any level or intensity of haste.  Draw it, enjoy the drawing, the board.  Proposing one idea to self, then another, crossing one out, then another…. Work, and what we do for work, then our ‘life’s work’.

More notes to self…..  All voices, inner and the one projected in communications and in-person conversations, adjusted.  Edited.  Redrawn.  The old urgency, if there’s nothing nice to say then say nothing.  Embodied.  Me.  At this small circular table.

13:01…..  Calm.  Excited.  That invincible feeling again.  Forcing myself to not think, just observe and demand the scene or let it strengthen me.  Coffee, people on their breaks… two men behind me and slightly right talking to each other about buying real estate in wine county.  Almost offered an opinion …