10:00… starving, but have to make it past noon.  Taking much more seriously these fasts. 

Emma with waffles, Henry again insisting have milk from one of those to-go coffee cups with a lid, Emma requesting another waffle and of course Henry orders one too.  “Dada…. I wa’ faffle…”, he says.

Simplifying everything… can’t connect watch to new phone.  Don’t let it bother me.  In fact I’m happy about it.

Espresso ….  Thoughts of the week.  Drive tomorrow, walk around SF on lunch taking pictures.  Promising to devote more to photog, do that every lunch instead of writing sometimes, and certainly over having lunch with anyone accomplishing nothing.  One of my last lunches, promised never again.

Charging camera…. Adding photography to one of the lists, or both if I haven’t already.  Actually it’d be only one…. added.

Shot from a vineyard, years ago.  April 19th, 2017.  I’m more into the time capsule perception, tracking everything, what I leave behind….  

Love for my kids, family…

The vineyard.

Sonoma County.

One human….

Seeing everything differently.

More letters to people.

Feeling panicked, but beneficially.

Checked in with Uncle Stevie.  He had covid, and I guess bad.. haven’t heard from him.  Worried.