Writing in journal.  Like, actually writing and not just money and budget notes.  What I have to do, day to day.  Where attentions are.  Trying to keep it as short as possible, but it’s more challenging than I estimated.

Part of my offensive in simplifying life, being more Stoic, simplistic, singular and Composed.

Laundry done.  UGH….

My kids, content.  That’s all I care about anymore, really.  All I’ve ever cared about.  Missed them terribly, so they all got spoiled yesterday, and it continues into today with breakfast at Skillets in a bit.

I offered, Jack almost jumped on the bed in approval.  Should be leaving in about ten… see how long the line is.  Last time wasn’t that bad, but just long enough where I’m wondering and asking, “Ok, soooooo…. Are we sitting at some point today?”

Of course I didn’t say that, but… was close.