08:20…. Was asleep early with the kids last night, so obviously and apparently we’re up 

early(-ier).  Quick espresso and cinnamon, laundry on.  16:30 leave for parents’ house.  Settle in then to winery.

Henry calling me from upstairs.  All three still in my bed, me being evicted and exiled to Jack’s room.  Where I slept.  Not that bad, just I have odd dreams whenever I sleep there.  No way to tell why so I don’t even think about it.

Need to write an old friend a letter.  I’ll see him tonight but might shoot him something quick before the event.  Time with what it is….  All minutes are troves of benefit and growth.  I can’t afford to waste or miss or pass or event deliberate ANYTHING.

There has to be movement – impassioned and constant.  That’s what you read this morning.

Another hot day but not like yesterday which trapped us in the condo for latter part.  Seasons moving, days a little shorter I notice, before anyone realizes we’ll be in Autumn.  The time will just arrogantly walk by us.

This laptop, like my place of worship.  Sunday… huh.  Henry calls again, I smile.