Home for a bit now.  Coffee nearly done.


Already?  Shit… Leaving in— OH, have to shower and shave and etc.  Okay… let’s see, 16:00 should be good…. Upstairs, pack lightly, whatever else.  Get my kids tomorrow, feels like forever since I’ve seen them.  Even in the pictures their mother sent me they look different.  One in particular of Emma, where her mom said she’s 21 this trip.  “Apparently,” I responded.

How is it happening so fast, their growth.

After lunch with Dan and Sue, looking over notes.  Their 50th this Sunday.  18:00, arriving at the winery.  Mind out of my head.. 50 years.  And I’m my age.. all that’s happened, how I arrived here at the loft, in Windsor.

Stopping for a second, taking a step back then I get a message from a work colleague whom I only met for the first time in DC, the first night in the lobby.  We sat next to each other at dinner and our conversation was invincible.  No one could distract or disrupt our words.

She told me she writes, and wants to be a professor.  And with that, we were a singular story.