Office, 11:45.  Nurse leaving about a half-hour ago.  Me trying to stay focused on the work, the MAP, and another project.  New domains and wine blog and other blog ideas.  First latte from Café Noto in, I don’t know, months?  Weeks?

Not much happening in sales story, and yesterday’s ideas haunting me, redirecting the vessel and its natural and demanded course.

The happy hour I went to after work on Sansome, the Yerba Buena-something, all the models of real estate, various structures and plans…. No idea wha tto do with it, just had me thinking.  Spoke to an Engineer who lives in Oakland and commutes to Pleasanton.  She’s with a company that’s multi-state and been in business for over 60 years if I remember right.

Each thing I touch, logged… the candle from the Nurse, on shelf next to me, left.  Latte almost done.  Small stack on desk, will go through tonight.  11:55… Thinking of a quick lunch upstairs then back in chair.  Entire day planned…. More and more opposed to spontaneity—  Okay, maybe not OPPOSED, but there should be a trade with the pre-written Roads.

Stopping, grateful, smooth jazz…