Kids just picked up…. Playing out in the area between condo buildings before their mother got them.

Told myself that the first thing I would do is clean, but then I just thought after closing the garage door and sitting here at desk (the top of which is finally 100% clear by the way) that I deserve some quiet.  Like Chris and I talked about over the phone, what makes me happy.

Picture of Paris Mom bought me leaning agains the brick.  I’m going back next year, no fail.  My only aims are to write and run, blog the whole thing.  Me back in Paris.  How long have I been thinking that and for how long was I discouraged, or was there something, some objection always brought up.  Now is different.  Now I’m going.

Has espresso shots earlier but want to walk to Noto, if not for coffee then a sparkling water.  Just to walk, enjoy my morning.. no hassle, no waiting for someone to call.  This is all for me. My minimals context for the poz loft extend for what I now have as reign for self.  Simplicity, singularity, brevity…

Quiet house, keep thinking about cleaning.