…or that I’m an industry person which

I am, or was, well still am with my every other Sunday at MS.  Making fun of it, or just showing more humanness.  No wine last night, and none the night before, but today will taste a bit.  

No spare funds to buy as I used to, so if I buy anything it may only be three bottles, MAX.  And I’m not trying to have one of those cellars with thousands of bottles.  I remember this one couple used to come into Lancaster and the guy or husband used to take out his fat cats wad with two or three rubber band around it tell us, actually remind us, that they’re experienced wine drinkers and have a 3000-bottle cellar in their house.  Then another guy who just built some fancy cellar and had pictures on his phone and would show every fucking person he could.  


Is that wine?  Is that what makes you feel some certain way above others?  Never mind them… my approach to wine is no set direction or layer, atmosphere.  It’s reaction, happiness, family.  Days like today with my closest wine buddy.

12:45 relaxed in office.