Wine, one glass red, then bed.  

Not letting self stress over Quota… that is the determinant in the year’s story, at least so far.

Went to event downtown, not much networking to be done, and I hat that term, “networking”… putting together and equation.  For Happiness, and business, health and mental health.

More and more tired as I type.  March 29th, 2022….  The Quota war.  I’d say it started at the beginning of this month, really.  January didn’t county count, and Feb’ was whatever…. Worked later tonight sending emails and messages.

Sales… What the fuck…. Why did I do this to myself. Useless question as everything is sales.  No matter which way Would have gone.  With blogging, with writing, marketing or any sort of PR form.

Dreaming about the kids in business with me, especially Jack.

Leads meeting tomorrow morning.  Thinking of not going, honestly.  For what, the meeting and attending—  Wrong attitude to have, I know.

Stopping writing…. Clocking out.

Then I find a pic I forgot about, from a year ago today, still living in Coffey Park.

All of it happened so fast.  You know, the…..

Time to close night.  Rest.  Not work.  Not think or write, but enjoy QUIET—

Peace, composition… thought of my babies.  No matter what others say, I have my take and interpretation, and impenetrable loyalty to my kids.

Others just talk, and send emails, cite things and fashionably interpret.  Like Mr. Sedaris said, ‘you’ll eventually laugh’.

Well, I’ve landed at eventually.  Walking up that square tube from plane, finally breathing Promised Land air.