Writing through it, in it, out of any mood…

Mental Health has to take a higher shelf and sentence than other rooms and interactions.  Focus on SELF. Feel like this could sound banal, or patterned, but not when it relates to Mike Madigan.  

Me, this new draft which is possibly the final draft.  Not much more to change.

Writing break from prospecting…. The call with my SE earlier very well could have changed how the next three quarters go.

Another lead… take a break, I tell myself.  Took me a while to get here, today.  To this mood and inner-music.  Ideas, in everything… the conversations I have, the altercations, the love, the wandering, going and getting sandwiches at Oliver’s as I did a couple hours ago.  Learning… observing.  BEING QUIET.

Should I take a drive, work offsite?  3rd Street?  Wouldn’t be a good idea, too high a likelihood of me running into someone I know, then having a beer with them and not getting shit done.

OH… just realized I might be moving into the new spot soon, as in a couple days.  Yes I’ve been evasive and nonspecific for a reason.  Now I don’t need to be.  Found a gorgeous condo just a couple blocks from the Windsor Town Green.  This will be my writing base for the indefinite future… where I’ll build my business, life, new career, make money to support my kids for five lifetimes.

Everything starting now.. and I think of when I used to imagine this, like ‘what if I could have my own place, my own condo or loft…’.  This place, a blend of the two.  Have never been so excited to move.  Waiting to hear some final developments.  And, for once, I’m patient.  Well, more or less.

Maybe a quick drive, listen to this new book I downloaded.