6.3 miles, 873 calories on tread.


The Peloton subscription my sister bought me, I’m speechless.  I can’t believe it, honestly.  Back in AE mode, more or less.  Keep thinking about running tomorrow.  Maybe 45 minutes flat, then some weights.  I’ll decide when I wake.

Bed early, wake early.  It’s that simple, to me.  Part of the 2022 business architecture.

Have another billing-related call to make.  Same issue as before.  But you know what, I’m not rushing.  At all. I’m not worried.  Why?  I’m not the one not paying my bloody bill.

Not thinking about that matter, or anyone not paying their bill.  The Napa Half, I’m registering after lunch.  Want to be as close to 90 minutes as I can.  Beat whatever my ‘pr’ is.  What is it actually?  Can’t remember.  Doesn’t matter.  This race will be EVERYTHING in my story.  Much like today’s run.

Registering for Napa now….

THERE.  I fucking did it.  Napa, March, 13.1… It’s SO happening.

Still hungry after sandwich.  No snack.  ESPRESSO.  No surprise, I know.  That’s the point.  Somewhat want to run an errand, get a new book – Sedaris’ new release!  Adding READING to 2022 plan.  Right now.