Closer to gym time. Sales Engineer helping me with something, AGAIN.

Have to start the 2022 page in Paris journal. No, I haven’t forgotten my 2/1/22 aim of being in Paris. May have to push it back. In fact, I know I will. Oh well. The wait will make it beyond great.

Back and forth with director on something, nothing serious… then a development.

Run closer, I can see self on tread, then waking tomorrow when my friend does and getting it out of the way before the day is even a day.

Latte is dead. Last of the caffeine I’ll have for the day, or I’ll try.

Idea of writing a script. About what. Wine, a winery, a tasting room, everything that happens. Friend’s roommate gave me the idea without knowing telling me about something that happened to her recently. Where does it start – Polishing glasses of course, multiple racks of them. She just wants to sell wine, meet people, talk about the wine and not be bothered by drama and corporate mind-changing. The winery boast small and family and artisanal, but is anything but.

Saving these thoughts for the run, the first of a new pattern. Register for Napa half, don’t forget.