Still at Farmer’s Starbucks. No real urge or inner-shove to leave. Thinking 2022 and site design. Setting aside a few dollars for the idea, officially.

Listening to Tycho, no shocker. Setting timelines for 2022, keeping them simple. Not what I want to happen but what I KNOW, WILL, HAPPEN.

Happiness and Health. The only dominant ideas for the new year. That simple. Can’t wait to get on treadmill and do one of the classes on the app Katie bought me the subscription for. Not really a workout “class” type, me, but we’ll see. Nothing wrong with trying something new. Only benefits, actually.

WORK – HAPPINESS – HEALTH. Only words in my cells and synapses now. Blogging everything. The people here, the latte, how I want to cut back on caffeine (ha ha…), the kids, blogging as an act and building sites and the new house whenever I get it… how Meliss and I are communicating more, how conflict can be actuated or avoided – no specific inference, just thinking. Am I allowed to do that? So many know what’s right for you, know what you should do and what the next move on the board should be…

Did I tell you I finally beat Jack at chess over the weekend? Seriously, I did.