Coffee cup empty. Nothing more sad. Scared of

my reaction to this booster shot, even though in a text I just sent to a friend I said I don’t care how it affects me I’m running later. Yeah, well, we’ll see how that holds up.  I remember the second shot didn’t hit me until 2am the next morning, then later having a site inspection with Ditter in Berkeley and I drank coffee as a means of survival and not losing to the symptoms. When I got back I told Meliss I wasn’t feeling well and needed a nap.  She kindly watched all three mini-Madigans while I slept, and I think I was out for like 3 hours? When up, I still felt slow and gross and fogged in brain but had enough gumption to do a call with Jimmy D, another AE.

Quiet on the AE front.  Covid shot front getting closer… why am I freaking out?  Distract self, with more coffee.  Thoughts of Maui and running there, up those hills I have memories of, driving with Dad to appreciate specific views and cliffs, vantage points.

Looking at races next year. Much I’d love to do a full in Napa, think it’s going to be a half.