Jack wanting to play chess, me wanting to see one of the houses again….  So much to do today, sign my mind.  Have to get out of this house, need quiet…


8:30pm.  Kids in bed.  Finally.  Emma said something I wanted to write but didn’t now I can’t remember… Jack too.  Henry finally getting to spend time with his aunt, my sister, and her dog.  Henry sticking out his hand and petting little stout and me laughing and nearly tearing noticing his getting more grown, bigger, more of less a baby.

Not sipping wine but thinking about it, the winery… the books.  What I had however many years ago today.  One pic from the Roth tasting room, something red.  Truly feels like forever ago.  Wine is reality and diving further into a time and memory.  Writing more freely about wine and the thoughts take me to what wines will taste like and say in the new house, which I may have found.  Well, there’s a chance.

Budgeted today for……. Rain expected tonight, perfect for wine but nothing in any cup or glass.  Just thoughts, images, the past and what I’ll see in my tasting room.