One-line notes… on the Prius, on the kids coming, taking a nap, wine tonight.

Nap, shower, new clothes.  3:47pm.  Back in Nook.

Getting kids in under an hour…. Ready for all the laughs and questions, getting killed in chess over and over.

Feel amazing after the shower, and new clothes I bought the other day.  Restart day, REWRITE.

Forcing self to stay on the wine beat… with the new house and looking at tables and whatever else to get for it – kitchen island if I need one, then the small to medium-size bar/wine bar for the living room.

All these pictures from YEARS ago, this year, the Pinot I opened last night – the Migration I bought when at Goldeneye with Chris…. Again the topic of wine and the people has me enlivened and forgetting what happened this morning.  The vineyard and walking around he Goldeneye estate, then the other weekend at Swan looking out at the sleeping blocks in front of us forgetting how cold it was.

Pic of harvest at Dutcher Crossing, 2016 I think.  My character Jack on the crush pad, producing whatever he does…. 100, 150 cases to start.  Blending fruit he bought as well as juice.  The blending of people and time, memories and current moments…