Kids wake me, fighting.

I once decide to stop it then go back to sleep and I may have for like 20 minutes, maybe, but only to be again pulled from sleep.  Decided to brush and get dressed.  Go make espresso and the orange light blinking.  Needs to be descaled, whatever that means.

Now in Nook, what is in day.  Ideas on conversations and other pages… books.  Hear one of the kids.. ugh.

Both cite boredom, don’t know what to tell them, I tell them… Ask Emma to look through the Pokemon cards I bought myself yesterday so I could play and trade with them, see if there are any she’d like to trade me.

That appeases her for about two minutes, maybe.  Then Jack asks if he can look through my cards I say yes but don’t swap any out.

Looking at house at 10:30, so under 3 hours.  Then a car later.  Day loaded, me getting anxious and antsy.  Why, I ask myself.  No reason that I can cite or categorize.

Kids quiet for now.  What a thought….

“What can we do?” Jack asks.

Never mind.

Try to ignore them for a second.  Emma playing still, with chess pieces.