Not looking for any house, not yet.

Settling in to morning.  Laundry, which as you know I deplore.  Not posting to blog.

Kids playing make-believe chess in other room.

New conversations stemming from new approach on something.  Last few business days of November coming up… then December which is basically the next year or planning for the next year.  Projections and all that…. 

Still after quiet, but not having it this morning so working with what I have.  This espresso telling me to take different directions.  And then new thoughts, seeing other views and possibilities, not hearing certain noises and humans.

The morning and I getting to know each other still, 8:46.  Nothing to write so I listen to the kids in the other room pretending to play chess.  Jack knows very much how, beating me twice last night but now playing with his sister and doing whatever feels kid-natural.

The Santa Cruz idea for next weekend…. Drawing in head.  Budgeting as much as I can without hurting house set-aside.  Commission check paid on Friday—

Nothing to write.  Not sure what to do or which Road to take.  Mood still sharp and bent…. Should have woken earlier to read, but…..