At Farmers Starbucks, prospecting new businesses lightly and noting in AE notebook, beyond that not much. Looking at a house at 2, call with Sales Engineer at 3:30, then beginning targeting leads for Tuesday. Targets for 2022… how to get into the BDX office.

Wrote earlier but on the Mike Madigan laptop. Have it with me in backpack but only the AE is in front of me. Sparkling water, sipping and moving slow.

12:28, feel something in Mike Madigan story changing. Yes, in a favorable tilted. Admittedly tilted, and the tilt is welcome. Consolidation, simplification and singularization. Thought I was going to fit in a power nap but I’m far too enlivened, since this morning. Coffee with friend and business talk, moving money to one spot, then tunneling vision. And if not tunneling then further carving the vision and cementing it.

Had yogurt and granola at home, so no lunching out. Money saved, to side set.

Happiness, the cosmos and definition building and stemming, here and there and wherever. Two days left in this month. Writing business plan for Dec. NOW.

Conversations with everyone, and EVERYTHING. Counting steps, but not obsessing, or measuring. Making sure the music stays alive.